When will I receive my package?
Please allow up to 2 weeks from the time an order is placed, adding an additional for non-US orders. Thank you!

What is your return policy?
All purchases and sales are final.

For Downloadable Files ONLY:
I can't access my download! What do I do?
All of our files are either PDF or JPG files. These are common file types that can be opened and downloaded on most personal computers and mobile devices. However, sometimes there might be issues with the browser you're using. We recommend trying to access your download from a desktop computer or laptop on either the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. If you're still having trouble, please visit our contact page and we will send you another link.
I'm looking for Jamie Grace merch (T-shirts, CDs, books). Where can I find them?
Jamie Grace and her family are the owners of Beautiful Family Forever: a bookstore and community that provides a variety of products in their online store and at various local events, including Jamie Grace's merch! Click here to visit the brand new Beautiful Family Forever store!
How does the #JGPlannerJournal work?
It's easy!

Find a binder you’re not using or pick up a brand new personalized one from The Jamie Grace Co.!

Pick and choose which pages you think will fit perfectly into your binder and your daily schedule. You can use it all, or you can choose from:

(1) The Starter Sheet
(5) Daily Sheets (5) Weekly Sheets (5) Monthly Sheets
(5) Journal Sheets (5) Planner Sheets (5) Extras*
*Instructions for the stickers: you can purchase full sheet sticker paper
at your local office supply store. Then, simple print and cut the stickers to size.
The stickers are also sized to Avery 8160 label paper (available at most office supply stores).

PIY (print it yourself) or have your pages printed at a local print shop or office supply store.

Add them to your binder!

Join the community! Now that you’re well on your way with your
planner journal, start using the #hashtag #JGPlannerJournal on social media
or search and join the Facebook Group: “#JGPlannerJournal”