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Boys, Boys, Boys - The Book (SIGNED 2019 Edition)

$ 25.00
Boys, Boys, Boys - The Book (SIGNED 2019 Edition)

Viral video turned book: this is "Boys, Boys, Boys." Answering the question she hears daily: “Why are you single?”, we get an inside look to Jamie Grace’s heart as she talks about dating… relationships… and boys. Boys. Boys.

This book was written when Jamie Grace was in her early 20s and is targeted to teens and young women. Some middle school girls (and younger) may also find this book to be encouraging.

In November 2017 Jamie Grace started courting her now husband, Aaron Collins, and continues to share, through books, songs, videos and her podcast The Jamie Grace Podcast, messages about dating and relationships with sincerity, sarcasm and sass.

This is the 2019 edition of Boys, Boys, Boys which has been completely revised and revamped. 

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